Awakening in 2021...Who Am I?

by Judith Kohnen

Posted on April 11, 2021 at 4:44 PM

Awareness appears to be the ultimate word for 2021. It’s been shouting at us for many months now. Years really.

Wake up! Please, wake up! it cries to many deafened ears, made deaf by a collective consciousness we’ve actually created ourselves. Gradually, and oh so cleverly, our personal power has been stripped from us. Our inner strength stifled and replaced with fear and dependency. We now find ourselves enslaved by wealthy manipulators who claim to be our saviors. We’ve allowed our minds to be disillusioned and have entrusted our hearts and our faith to the unworthy who are outside of us.

Only, who we are is not outside of us at all ... for who we are lies within.

Where is your power today? Is it within, or without? To be without means you have nothing. To be within means you’re home where you’ve always been, where the light shines and makes you powerful and beautiful, and where no one can take that away from you because it’s the true you – the one who possesses all that is needed to create perfect joy and happiness. You, who is pure LOVE ... the only thing that’s really real.

Have you allowed the outer world to influence what you do, how you feel, and how you think? We’ve been there, done that for much too long. It’s time to ask the question: Who Am I?

Repeat after me …

"I am awareness, in touch with my spiritual self and with a higher collective consciousness which is filled with great wisdom that enriches my life. I am both student and teacher, and I value who I am – a bridge between the human and the Divine. I am a link who understands that forgiveness actually means to be non-judgmental, to realize that we're all on a spiritual path to discover who we are. I choose the miracle that is within me. This is where I can find renewal and meaning to life, and most of all … truth."

What will you practice and preserve this year?

Yahweh speaks: Let it be you, Dear One. Let it be YOU.

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