Clover Hill
Inspirations Weekend

Four Workshops with Ruth Shilling
April 13-15, 2018


Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center
11932 Winterpock Rd
Chesterfield, VA 23838

Ruth Shilling
Spiritual & Inspirational Medium

Ruth Shilling, M.M. is an international speaker/teacher, sound healer, musician, and medium who owns and operates the All One World Egypt Tours company. During the 50+ tours she has led to Egypt she has developed a deep connection with the Egyptian gods and goddesses, as well as the spirits of the place there. She has produced the “Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Cards” and is the author of the “Through a Medium's Eyes Series,” the “Color It True” Manifestation Coloring Books, and “SUCCESS with the Violin and LIfe.” To learn more about Ruth, visit her website at:

Wise Guidance & Inspiration

An evening of expanded connection with guidance that is loving, wise, and helpful. In a four-part evening, Ruth will share some of the latest teachings she has received from spirit guides and teachers. She will also create a deeper experience for you through her Inspired Song, bring through wise ones in spirit so that people can dialogue with them, and lead you in a meditation for connecting with your own inner guidance. In the days before the workshop, think about important questions you have about your own life situations as this can focus the guidance that will be coming through for you on the evening of the workshop. You may wish to bring a journal to write down what comes to you throughout the evening.

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

The hieroglyphic symbols that make up the names of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses are like keys that unlock the vibratory essence and character of these powerful deities. During an opening slide show, Ruth will explain and illustrate the significance of the sacred glyphs, and show how they create unique signatures which enable us to know each of the deities in an intimate, immediate and personal way. As you listen and watch the slides, you may already feel a draw towards one or more of the gods or goddesses. You will get to explore this more deeply in the second portion of the workshop - a guided journey both to commune with the Ancient Egyptian deities and to experience your own transformation in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Ruth guides and sings you through this multi-faceted vibrational experience into sacred realms of potency and potential.

Rainbows of Sound

What we perceive as white light actually contains all the colors. A crystal separates light into a rainbow spectrum that we can see. Likewise, sounds that we hear, both musical instruments and voices, also contain a spectrum of sounds called overtones (though we are only aware of one note at a time). In the art of overtone singing, we ourselves become like a crystal that separates out these sounds and makes them audible. This workshop will include an intellectual explanation of overtones (also called harmonics), a guided meditation/journey into the Rainbows of Sound, and your own personal experience using different methods of singing the overtones yourself (don't worry, you won't be called on to do it alone!). There will be a slide show and handouts explaining the physics of how overtones work. Understanding is good, but there is a sense of awe when one actually experiences it. Hearing the inner dimensions of a sound revealed is truly sacred. Another benefit is that when you are singing the overtones yourself, they resonate and stimulate different parts of your brain. With that enhanced vibration comes experiences of broadened perception, clarity, and ecstasy.

Spoon Bending & Meditation

Come and experience spoon bending, so flexible that you can bend them like taffy! If a rigid spoon can change to being flexible for you, then maybe there are other things in your life that can change, too. After the spoon bending, we will learn a manifestation process for living a more abundant and satisfying life. Natural laws of creation will be explained along with suggestions for crafting a prayer or affirmation to place in the center of one of the Manifestation Mandalas from Ruth's coloring books (books are included). After people have written what they would like in the mandalas, the prayers will then be blessed by the entire group. Spoons will be provided for everyone but people can also bring their own. You can also bring colored pencils or felt pens. You'll have both a bent spoon and a blessed manifestation mandala to take home with you.

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