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Readings & Sittings

Feel inspired and empowered with the support of a compassionate intuitive whose goal is to bring you confidence and more control of your own life. Find more clarity about your career path, life purpose, or current relationship. Discover the tools that can help you face challenges and broaden your awareness to your own unique and natural abilities.

Receive comfort and healing through a spiritual connection with your loved ones – family, friends, and animals, who have passed from this earth plane into their spiritual home. Come and discover that we are all a living and eternal link with the Divine Creator. Messages are waiting to be given with love and compassion.

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Intuitive Reading

Medium Sitting - Contact Loved Ones

Applies to Spirit Communication Only

Combo Intuitive + Medium

25 min Intuitive + 35 minute Medium to Connect with Loved Ones


A therapeutic modality that highly relaxes the mind and puts one in touch with their subconscious mind to free it from limiting thoughts, help one build self-confidence, self-esteem, improve success and relationships, and/or rid the mind of such addictions as overeating, weight gain, and smoking. It can assist in purging out fears and phobias that restrict us from daily living.

A holistic approach toward discovering more of who you are by unlocking your subconscious mind to your past lives. This therapeutic hypnosis can release your creative talents, assist in understanding present relationships, and help you find solutions to problems, questions, concerns and health issues you currently experience.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression

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